ESP8266 WiFi 4 Relay Module

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DC 12V ESP8266 4 channel relay board ESP-01 WIFI module 4 channel WIFI relay module for smart home smart furniture

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12V ESP8266 four-way WIFI relay module uses as ESP-01 WIFI module with a mature and stable 8-bit MCU chip. It can realize wireless control of 4-way relay by using mobile phone application in LAN in a simple configuration process.

1-built-in high-performance microprocessor and ESP-01 WIFI module

2- the module has 2 modes of operation:

Mode 1: the mobile phone is directly mounted on the WIFI module;

Mode 2: mobile phone and WIFI module are loaded into the router at the same time;

Additional features: When the ESP-01 is plugged in, it can also be used as a USB relay.

3- transmission distance:

 (1) in the open environment, the maximum stable transmission distance 100m when installed in the mobile phone WIFI module 

(2) When the WIFI module and mobile phone are installed in the router at the same time, the transmission distance is stronger according to the router’s signal.              

4-Use Smartconfig technology to complete the ESP-01 WIFI module account and password configuration in the mobile phone application. It has a configured account and password shutdown memory function.

5-On-board 12V, 10A / 250V AC 10A / 30V DC relay, absorb 100,000 times continuously with diode escape protection, short response time

6-built-in mode selection and real-time working status display

7- with 4 optocoupler isolation, strong anti-interference ability

8- reserved UART debug interface and MCU program download interface.

IN +, IN-: 12V power input

5V, GND, TX, RX: UART serial port pin

SWIM, PIN8, NRST: Dedicated MCU download port

Button S1: The mode switch, default mode 1

Press key S2: Restore factory settings

LED D1 / D2 / D3 / D4 (red light): Relay working indicator lights up when turned on

LED D7 (red): mode 1 indicator

LED D5 (blue light) : mode 2 indicator

LED D6 (green light): working status indicator, describe as follows:

(1) when it goes out, it means self-configuration or losing connection with the router.

(2) When 0.5S flashes, it means waiting for the mobile phone app to configure the WIFI account and password for the ESP-01 module.

(3) When 2S blinks slowly, it means the configuration is complete, waiting for a TCP connection with the handset

When (4) is always on, it means it has established a TCP connection with the handset.

Separated 2 jumper caps: please insert the lower end when using normally (i.e. RX RX1 connect TX tx1). If you want to use TTL serial port module from USB to debug the ESP-01 module, please plug all the way to the top (otherwise there may be interference).

COM1: Public end.

NC1: Normally closed, the relay is short-circuited with COM1 before the relay is closed, and empty after absorbed.

NO1: Normally open, the relay is empty before absorbed, and is shortened to com1 after absorbing.

COM2: Public end.

NC2: Normally closed, the relay is shortened to com2 before the relay is closed, and empty after absorbed.

NO2: Normally open, the relay is suspended before closing and shortened to 2 after pull.

COM3: Public.

NC3: Normally closed, shorted with COM3 before the relay closed, and empty after absorption.

NO3: Normally open, the relay is empty before absorbed, and is shortened to com3 after absorbing.

COM4: Public.

NC4: Normally closed, shortened to com4 before the relay closed and left open after suction.

NO4: Normally open, the relay is left disconnected before pulling in and short-circuited with COM4 after pulling.

Relay control instructions (hex hexadecimal):

Turn on first relay: A0 01 01 A2

Turn off first relay: A0 01 00 A1

Turn the second relay on: A0 02 01 A3

Turn the second relay off: A0 02 00 A2

Turn third relay: A0 03 01 A4

Third relay Close: A0 03 00 A3

Turn on fourth relay: A0 04 01 A5

Close fourth relay: A0 04 00 A4

Package Included:

  • 1 X ESP8266 WiFi 4 Relay Module
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