RF4432Se Si4432 433Mhz Wireless Rf Transceiver Module

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This LoRa (Long Range) Module uses the Silicon Labs’ Si4432 wireless transceiver chip. It is a complete, compact, low-power wireless transceiver module. Silicon Labs’ EZRadioPRO Series SI44322009 works in the range of 433MHZ band, and the maximum output power up to +20 DBm which can reach a range of kilometers. The module integrates all RF related functions and devices and offers reliable performance on wireless-related projects

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Wireless Rf Transceiver Module 

  • Ultra-low consumption in power-down mode is 10nA (4.21ms), in the standby mode, 300nA, sleep mode 600nA (1.21ms)
  • Receive current is 18.5mA, maximum emission current of 80mA (200us).
  • Digital received signal strength indication (RSSI)
  • Timed wake-up function, wireless wake-up function (WUT)
  • The antenna automatically match and the two-way switch control
  • Configurable packet structure
  • The front synchronization signal detector
  • 64 bytes of data transceiver register (FIFO)
  • Chip integrated low-battery detection
  • The on-chip temperature sensor and 8-bit analog-to-digital converters
  • Operating temperature range: -40 to +80 ° C (temperature characteristics and product consistency is much better!)
  • The integrated regulator
  • Frequency hopping function
  • The power-on reset function
  • Built-in crystal error adjustment function
  • The chip automatically calculate and check CRC-16, and the support of three 16-bit CRC polynomial

Pin out:1. GND power supply2. GPIO0 internal module, launch control foot3. GPI01 internal access module to accept control foot4. GPIO2 directly connected to the chip GIIO2 pin5. VCC positive supply 3.3V6. SDO 0-VDD V digital output provides a serial readback function of the internal control register7. SDI serial data input. 0-VDD V digital input, this pin for 4-wire serial data clock function8. SCLK serial clock input. 0-VDDV last month set of inputs. This pin provides a 4-wire serial data clock function9. NSEL serial interface select input pin,0-VDDV digital input. This pin to 4-wire serial data bus select / enable function, thissignal is also used, said the burst read / write mode.10. NIRQ interrupt output pin11. SDN Close the input pin. Input 0-VDDV digital. SDN = 0 in shutdown mode, so mode12. GND access power ground13. ANT 50 ohm coaxial antenna14. GND antenna

Package Included

  • 1 x RF4432Se Si4432 433Mhz Wireless Rf Transceiver Module
Wireless Rf Transceiver Module
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