VL53L1X Time of Flight Sensor

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The I2C address of the VL53L1X is 0x29 and is hardware defined.


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  • This SparkFun Distance Sensor Breakout utilizes the VL53L1X next generation ToF (Time of Flight) sensor module to give you the highly accurate measurements at long ranges for its size.
  • The VL53L1X uses a VCSEL (Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser) to emit an Infrared laser to time the reflection to the target.
  • That means that you will be able to measure the distance to and object from 40mm to 4m away with millimeter resolution.
  • Each VL53L1X sensor features a precision to be 1mm with an accuracy around +/-5mm and a minimum read distance of this sensor is 4cm.
  • The field of view for this little breakout is fairly narrow at 15°-27° with a read rate of up to 50Hz.
  •  SPAD (single photon avalanche diode) receiving array with integrated lens.
  • Low-power microcontrollers run advanced digital firmware.
  • Pin compatible with VL53L0X FlightSense Ranging Sensor.
  • Fast and accurate long distance measurement.
  • Receive programmable ROI locations on the array to provide multi-zone operational control of the host.
  • I2C interface (up to 400 kHz), shutdown and interrupt pins.
  • Note: A multiplexer/Mux is required to communicate to multiple VL53L1X sensors on a single bus.

Package Included:

  • 1 X VL53L1X Time of Flight Sensor (4m Precision Distance Measurements)
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