Waterproof Transceiver Integrated Ranging Module

XKC-007Y-TX ultrasonic ranging module, using the transceiver is waterproof probe, try using non-contact ultrasonic detection technology designed. Products in the range of 25cm to 450cm, can accurately detect the distance between the plane of the object, and are within the range of 25cm to 150cm, can accurately measure people.

EGP 300.00

Product Description

The basic operating principle: The ultrasonic ranging module after connecting 5V power supply, the module itself will automatically conduct a distance every 100ms, after the completion of the ranging in serial form from the output value.

Every time an output module containing four 8-bit data frame format is:. 0XFF + H_DATA + L_DATA + SUM

  • 0XFF: is a start of data for judging.
  • H_DATA: high range 8 bits of data.
  • L_DATA: lower 8 bits from the data.
  • SUM: data and for its efficacy 0XFF + H_DATA + L_DATA = SUM (only the lower 8 bits).
  • H_DATA L_DATA with synthetic data16, i.e. the distance in millimetre of the value.


  • Small size, easy to use.
  • Low voltage, low power consumption.
  • High accuracy.
  • Strong anti-interference.
  • Integrated closed-end waterproof probe for wet, harsh measurement occasions.


  • The Horizontal Distance.
  • Obstacle Avoidance, Automatic Control.
  • Object Approaches, There is a Perceive.
  • Traffic Control.
  • Security, Industrial Control.
  • Artificial Intelligence and Research.

Electrical parameters:

Operating VoltageDC: 5V.

Working Current:Less than 10mA.

Working Frequency: 40KHz

Maximum range: 4.5m.

Recent Range: 22cm.

Output pins:

  • 2: Echo / TX
  • 3: Trig / RX

Output Signal: 5VTTL level.

Response Time: 100MS.

Serial Output Form: 9600 n 8 1.

Resolution: about 1cm B.

Eam Angle: 80 ° ± 15 °.

Operating Temperature: -20-75C.

Storage Temperature: -20-80C.

Module Size: 41mm * 28mm * 1mm Output.


  • Product answer: FF 07 A1 A7
  • Wherein the Checksum SUM = A7 = (0xFF + 0x07 + 0xA1) & 0x00ff 
  • 0x07 is the high data distance; 
  • 0xA1distance data is low;
  • Distance is 0x07A1; 
  • converted to decimal 1953; unit: mm

package included:

  • 1 x Waterproof Transceiver Integrated Ranging Module
Dimensions 4.1 × 2.8 × 0.1 cm

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