ESP8266 5V WIFI Relay Module 2 Channel

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The 5V dual WiFi relay module uses ESP-01 as the WiFi module and is compatible with 8 bit MCU chip. Only a simple configuration process can realize the wireless control of the 2 way relay by using the mobile phone APP .

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  • The module has 2 operating modes of work:
  • Mode 1: Mobile phone is directly mounted on WiFi module.
      • Plug in the ESP-01 module, the module power up. About 4 seconds later, the green light changed from extinction to 2 seconds flashing. Description configuration completed.
      • AP hotspot signal sent by mobile phone connected to ESP–01 module.
      • Opens “EasyTCP–20” APP, and clicks “CONNECT””. After the connection is successful, the green light flashes slowly from 2 seconds to normal. Click on the gray box to send instructions to control the switch of the relay.
  • Mode 2: Mobile phones and WiFi modules are equipped on routers simultaneously
      • Plug in the ESP–01 module, the module power, the light green light into slow flash, then press the S1 button to switch to the mode 2. Blue light, about 1 minutes later into 0.5S flash, indicating waiting for “Esp Touch–Demo” “APP” for its configuration WiFi account and password.
      • At this time, the phone line connected to the router. Open “Esp Touch- Demo” “APP”, enter the router password, click “Confirm”.
      • Waits for configuration to succeed, when the APP interface appears ESP-01 IP (such as address, indicating that the ESP–01 module successfully connected to the router, and automatically remember the account number and password. The next entry mode 2 will automatically connect (about 20-60S to connect).
      • It’s important to note that the IP address is dynamically assigned to the ESP-01 module by the router. The address may change after the next reconnection. You can see the real time IP address of the ESP-01 module in the router’s device list.
      • Opens “Easy TCP–20” APP, and clicks “CONNECT”. When the connection is successful, the green light flashes from 2 seconds to normal.
      • Click on the gray box to send instructions to control the switch of the relay.
  • It can also be used as USB relay when ESP-01 is pulled out.
  • In an open environment, the maximum stable transmission distance is 100 m when the mobile phone is mounted on the WiFi module.
  • When the WiFi module and mobile phone are held on the router at the same time, the transmission distance depends on the signal strength of the router.

Package Included:

  • 1 X ESP8266 5V WIFI RELAY MODULE 2 Channel
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