Computer IC Chips WiFi Shield for Arduino Compatible With MICROCHIP MRF24WB0MA

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Computer IC Chips WiFi Shield

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Computer IC Chips WiFi Shield

You will be able to use this product WiFi module connected to the Arduino project on! It provides connectivity 802.11b and is able to connect to Arduino Diecimila / Duemilanove / Uno plug and play solution.

This product is compatible with Asynclab WiFi board!


• Arduino Diecimila, Duemilanove and Uno expansion shield

• Size, shape, and even color are a perfect match!

• Truly Plug and Play

• The host communicates using SPI (maximum speed of up to 25MHz)

• All Arduino pins are lead, easy to use

• On-board with the reset button

• On-board PCB antenna

• INT0 and data can be used between the adjustable feet pin8 interrupt pin

• Data security and adjustable feet 9 LED

• Data feet 10 feet 7 and data between serial Flash CS pin adjustable

Wi-Fi module features:

• 802.11b Wi-Fi authentication

• 1Mbps and 2Mbps throughput speeds

• Support Controlled Basic Service Set (BSS) and independent basic service set (IBSS) wireless networks

• The ability to create an encrypted and unencrypted network network

• WEP (64-bit and 128-bit)


• Low power consumption

• Sleep mode: 250μA

• Transmission mode: 230mA

• Receive Mode: 85mA

• Slave Select (SS): Arduino pin 10 (port B, pin 2)

• Clock (SCK): Arduino pin 13 (port B, pin 5)

• Host into the slave out (MISO): Arduino pin 12 (port B, pin 4)

• Host a slave into (MOSI): Arduino pin 11 (port B, pin 3)

• interrupt pin (according jumper, select one of the following a)

• INT0: Arduino pin 2 (port D, pin 2)

• DIG8: Arduino pin 8 (port B, pin 0)

• LED: Arduino pin 9 (port B, pin 1)

• To re-use this pin, removed to LED jumper cap

• 5V power


• If pin10 set serial data flash CS pin, then the Wi-Fi module will not be used. To be able to use both data flash and Wi-Fi module, the data flash jumper CS pin must be set at pin7 on.

Computer IC Chips WiFi Shield
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