74112 DIP Dual J-K Negative-Edge-Triggered Flip-Flop With Clear AND Preset

The 74112 dual JK flip-flop features individual J, K, clock, and asynchronous set and clear inputs for each flip-flop.

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Product Description

  • The 74112 is a high speed CMOS DUAL J-K FLIP-FLOP WITH PRESET AND CLEAR fabricated in silicon gate C2MOS technology.
  • It has the same high speed performance of LSTTL combined with true CMO Slow power consumption.
  • When the clock goes high, the inputs are enabled and data will be accepted.
  • The logic level of the J and K inputs may be allowed to change when the clock pulse is high and the bistable will function as shown in the truth table.
  • Input data is transferred to the input on the negative going edge of the clock pulse.
  • All inputs are equipped with protection circuits against static discharge and transient excess voltage.

74112 Flip-Flop Datasheet

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Flip-Flop Type J-K
Output Current 8 mA
Propagation Delay Time 20 ns
Triggering Type Negative Edge
Clock Frequency 35 MHz
Supply Voltage Min. 4.75 V
Supply Voltage Max. 5.25 V

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