7402 DIP Quad 2-Input Logic NOR Gate

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There are four NOR gates in the IC and each gate has two inputs, hence the name QUADRUPLE TWO INPUT NOR GATE. The gates in the chip are designed by low power SCHOTTKY TRANSISTORS.

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  • The chip is basically used when (NOR) logic function is required.
  • The chip has four (NOR) gates in it.
  • We can use one or all gates.
  •  NOR gates in this chip can be reconnected to make them NOT gates.
  • Each NOR gate can form a single NOT gate.
  • Therefore. we can make 7402 chip a four NOT gate chip if necessary.
  • You can use it when high-speed NOR operation is necessary.
  • The gates in the chip are designed by SCHOTTKY TRANSISTORS.
  • Due to these SCHOTTKY TRANSISTORS,  the switching delays of gates are minimized.
  • This chip can be used in high-speed applications.

7402 NOR Gate Truth table:7402274027402 NOR Gate Datasheet

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