5V -30V Delay Relay Timer Module Trigger Switch Micro USB Power Tool W315

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5V-30V Delay Relay Timer Module Trigger Delay Switch Micro USB Power Adjustable Relay Module
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  • Wide Voltage 5V-30V Trigger Delay Relay Module Timer Module Delayed On-Delay Switch Button.
  • The time can be adjusted by potentiometer to meet your use of most occasions.
  • With MicroUSB 5.0V power input, very easy to use.
  • 5 – 30V wide supply voltage.
  • External trigger and on-board key trigger two ways.
  • With relay pull indicator.
  • Anti-interference ability, all kinds of interference relay will not malfunction, suitable for industrial control.


  •  Operating voltage: wide voltage 5 – 30V between any voltage, MicroUSB and welding terminal two power supply interface
  • Operation mode: After power supply to the module, the state of module output is: NO (NO) is disconnected from common (COM), NC (NC) and COM (COM) are on. (NO) and common (COM) are turned on when the external trigger terminal (TRIG) gives a low pulse signal, or the trigger key is touched instantaneously, the relay is sucked and the operation indicator is on. At this time, the state of the relay output terminal is: Normally closed (NC) and common (COM) disconnected, after 0-24 seconds (this time can be adjusted according to your needs) after the relay disconnect, then the relay back to the state before the trigger.
  • Time can be adjusted by potentiometer, default 0-24 seconds. If a longer time is required, replace the larger capacitor (C2) or the potentiometer. Delay time formula: T = 1.1RC. For example: capacitor 22uf resistance 1M then T = 1.1 * 0.000022 * 1000000 = 24.2 seconds.
  • With the relay pull light.
  • Module can be controlled: 10A 250VAC (AC), 10A 30VDC (DC) the following load.
  • With relay freewheeling protection.
  • Module signal side design of the pull-up and filter circuit, anti-interference ability, suitable for industrial control. Many manufacturers have optocoupled to add isolation, but the module and the trigger signal to the ground and not isolated, will not achieve the anti-jamming effect. After testing and found to improve the stability of the trigger side to anti-interference, the module regardless of electromagnetic interference in the environment, or the power module off the moment, the relay will not produce malfunction.



  •  Burglar alarm delay, building sound and light switch lights and so on.
  • On-board equipment connected to the delay to prevent the car when the ignition is too large burned car equipment.
  • The need to have the order to start the occasion to prevent multiple devices at the same time start the current is too large to burn electrical appliances.

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