DC-DC Auto Buck Boost Converter 2.5V-15V To 5V

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DC-DC Automatic Buck Boost Converter 2.5V-15V To 3.3V 5V Fixed Output Power Module

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DC-DC Auto Buck Boost Converter 2.5V-15V To 5V

  • Wide voltage and low power consumption scheme, automatic step-up and step-down DC-DC power supply module.
  • The design working frequency is up to 1.2MHZ, high stability, high cost performance, all industrial grade components, long-term working voltage without drift, suitable for high-demand applications.
  • The maximum input voltage is 15VDC.
  • The maximum output current is 600mA.
  • The S09 is a wide voltage and low power system. 
  • The DC-DC power unit is automatically raised and lowered to support the shutdown function. 
  • The maximum input voltage is 15VDC, the quiescent current is less than 200uA, the static output is 3.3V and the maximum output current is 600mA. 
  • Design working frequency up to 1.2MHZ, high stability, cost-effective, all industrial grade components, long working voltage drift-free, suitable for required applications, mass production.


  • Widely used in communication equipment
  • Digital radio, industrial control boards
  • Toys, aircraft models, MCU motherboards, home appliances, vehicle power supplies, security monitoring, field collection, street lights.


  • Input voltage: 2.5V-15V
  • Output voltage: optional 3.3V/5V
  • Output current: 0.6A
  • Maximum efficiency: 85%
  • Output ripple: <50mv
  • Output accuracy: ±0.1V

Pin definitions:

  • Vi-: input negative pole
  • Vi+: input positive pole
  • Vo-: output negative pole
  • Vo+: output positive pole

Power supply for controller main-board, DIY current source, floodlight, DIY toy car, communication device, digital radio.


Serial number Name Direction Application
1 Vo+ output Output positive current source
2 Vo- output Ground wire, output port current source reference
3 Vi- input Ground wire, link to current source reference
4  Vi+ input Power supply input:2.5-15Vdc

Figure1. Interface Description


  1. The input voltage must within 15V.
  2. Load current should not be in 600mA or above for a long time, otherwise it will affect the service life of the module and even burn out.
  3. If the load current is relatively high, you should increase the minimum input voltage to ensure normal operation.

Package Included:

  • 1 x DC-DC Step Up Step Down Module

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