LASER Receiver Module

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The laser receiver sensor module uses a non-modulated laser receiver to detect the laser signal.

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LASER Receiver Module

  • The module, named “Laser Receiver Module Non-modulator Tube Laser Sensor Module”, comes as a cheap module usually without a user guide.
  • So it is handy to know what it can do, how it works and learning how to interface it to your own projects.
LASER Receiver Module

LASER Receiver Module


LASER Receiver Module

LASER Receiver Module

A cryptic 3-pin sensor?

  • The 3-pin sensor is actually a minuscule light sensor (receiver) diode with an integrated amplifier and an open-collector transistor at its output.
  • Output of the module, designed to operate on 5VDC power supply, can only go low (L), and the open-collector transistor inside the 3-pin sensor can sink about 20mA current.
  • The description poor Chinese description “non-modulator tube” actually points the fact that the light sensor can handle any source of light and it’s not like a 3-pin  infrared sensor module (TSOP1838 for example) that only detects an infrared pulse train within a particular frequency band.

ISO203 Laser Receiver 3-Pin

Module circuit diagram

  • Following is the retraced circuit diagram of the “Laser Receiver Module Non-modulator Tube Laser Sensor Module”.

Laser Rx Module Schematic

Module quick test setup

  • In order to test the module you can use the 5V circuit diagram given below. As you can see the setup consists only one amber LED and its current limiter 10K resistor connected across the output of the module (OUT & VCC).

Laser Rx Module Test Circuit v1


Laser Rx Module Test Setup

Laser Rx Module Test Setup

  • work voltage: 5V
  • Output:
    output high level when receive laser signal;
    output low level when not receive laser signal.



  • The sensor uses a non-modulated laser receiver, please use indoors where no light, sunlight or other fixtures may interfere, recommended for use in dark environments.

Package Included:

  • 1 x Laser Sensor Module

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