RTC 1302 Real Time Clock Module

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RTC 1302 Real Time Clock Module

  • This RTC DS1302 Real Time Clock Module allows you to use your Arduino or MCU to do time / date related functions such as: Starting a task at a specific date / time or recording the date / time of an event or simply displaying the time / date to a user.
  • DS1302 is DALLAS company launched a trickle charge clock chip, containing a real-time clock/calendar and 31 bytes of static RAM, communicating through serial interface simple and single-chip microcomputer.
  • The real-time clock/calendar circuit provides seconds, hours, days, weeks, months, years of information, a number of days in the month and leap year can automatically adjust. The clock operation instructions through the AM/PM decided to use 24 or 12-hour format.

Between DS1302 and single-chip microcomputer can simply use synchronous serial communication method, only three lines:

  1. RST
  2.  I/O reset the data line
  3.  SCLK serial clock.
  • Clock /RAM read/write data to a byte character set or as many as 31-byte communication. DS1302 work power consumption is very low to keep the data and clock information when power is less than 1mW
  • Wiring method (to provide procedures, for example, can pick up any IO port, in the Procedure to modify the port definitions :
  1. VCC:+5V/3.3V
  2. GND: GND
  3. CLK: P02
  4. DAT: P01
  5. RST: P00
  • VCC and GND do not reverse, so as not to burn the chip
  • 51 SCM P0 port to receive a pull-up resistor, if your computer is not connected pull-up resistor, the data can be the string to the other port.

Specifications and Features:

  • The real-time clock counts minutes, seconds, date, hours, month day of the week, year and leap-year compensation up to 2100.
  • 318 temporary data storage RAM
  • Working current of 2.0V, less than 300nA
  • Read / Write clock or RAM data with two kinds of mode of single-byte transfer mode and multi-byte character set
  • 8 pin DIP package or optional 8 pin SOIC package based on the surface assembly
  • Simple 3 wire interface
  • Compatible with TTL Vcc=5V
  • Double power supply pipe for main power and backup power supply.



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Package Included:

  • 1 X RTC 1302 Real Time Clock Module

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