Rj45 Female Metal

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This is an RJ45 (8P-8C) Female Plug. It finds its use in telecom, communications, and networking.Data connectors accept stranded cables from 26 24 AWG. It has an 8P8C configuration i.e. it has 8 positions and 8 conductors. This plug has gold plated phosphor bronze contacts, which provide longevity.

RJ45 is a type of communication protocol that is used for Ethernet and other long distance communications. In this type of communication, Data is transmitted between two electronics devices like Micro-controllers or Microprocessors over a very long distance without getting it lost. Normally communication protocols like SPI, USART, IIC will be used to transfer these data.

These two devices are linked using a cable like CAT cables.

The CAT cables are connected to the circuit through this RJ45 Connector. These connectors support any type of Ethernet cable like USP, CAT5e, CAT6 etc..

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Rj45 Female Metal

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