AMS1117 5V to 3.3V DC-DC Step-Down Power Supply Buck Module 800mA

3.3V DC-DC Step-Down Power Supply To 5V Buck Module AMS1117 Automatic Automatic Adjustable Boost Board Start Limit Voltage

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Product Description

  • AMS1117-3.3 is a positive voltage regulator step down power supply module, support DC 4.75-12V input and 3.3V fixed voltage and 0.8A current output.
  • The voltage regulator converter module is suitable for electronic devices, with the design of 3 pins, this buck converter is easy to connect your MCU development and provide constant power supply, which suitable for electronic devices such as SCM project design needs 3.3V power supply.
  • Applicable for high-efficiency linear regulator Published Active Power Regulator Battery Charger Active instrument.
  • Applications: Arduino UNO MEGA2560; MSP430 Development Board; 3.3V Low power consumption MCU; FPGA/CPLD PLD Programmable Logic Systems; ARM7 ARM9 ARM11 STM32; etc.
  • AMS1117 overheat shutdown circuit provides overload and over-temperature protection. AMS1117-3.3V Buck Converter soldering kit only supports 3.3V,800mA output, So the load current can not exceed 800mA.


  • High Performance Linear Regulator Post Regulator for Replacement of Accessories 5V to 3.3V.
  • Linear Regulator Charger Active SCSI Terminators and Power Management for Notebook.

 Package Included: 

  • 1 x 5V to 3.3V DC-DC Step-Down Power Supply Buck Module AMS1117

Output current

800 mAh (load current may not exceed 800 mAh)

Output current

 0.8A (max)

Line adjustment rate

0.2% (max)

Load regulation

0.4% (max)

Operating junction temperature range

-40 to 125°C

Welding temperature (25 seconds)


Storage temperature

- 65~150°C

Output voltage


Line adjustment (maximum)

10mV (VIN :4.75V to 12V)

Load regulation (maximum)

15mV (VIN = 5V, IOUT: 0 to 1A)

Voltage difference (maximum)


Current limit

900 ~ 1500mA

Quiescent Current (Max)


Ripple suppression (minimum)


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