AC Voltage Sensor Module ZMPT101B

ZMPT101B a voltage transform ideal to measure the AC voltage. It has high accuracy, good consistency for voltage and power measurement up to 250V AC. Easy to use and comes with a multi turn trim potentiometer for adjusting the ADC output.

EGP 65.00

Product Description

  • The ZMPT101B is a voltage transformer used to measure AC voltage.
  • You can measure AC voltages up to 250 volts by using this module.
  • The output of this sensor is analog.
  • If you change input voltage, the output voltage will change as well.
  • Onboard micro-precision voltage transformer
  • Analog output corresponding quantity can be adjusted
  • Good consistency for voltage and power measurement
  • Active output single-phase AC voltage sensor module

Package Included:

  • 1 X AC Voltage Sensor Module ZMPT101B
Price for 4 itemsEGP 6.50
Output Signal Analog 0-5V
Operating Voltage DC 5V-30V
Measure within 250V AC
Rated input current 2mA
Operating temperature 40ºC ~ + 70ºC
Voltage Transformer Onboard Precision Micro Voltage Transformer
Operational amplifier circuit High-precision on-board amplifier circuit, the signal to do the exact sampling and appropriate compensation and other functions
Mode voltage output The module can measure AC voltage within 250V, the corresponding output mode can be adjusted
Output signal The output signal for the sine wave, the waveform of the median (DC component)
Dimensions 4.9 × 1.9 cm

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