Zilog z084006 Z80 CPU NMOS 6MHz PDIP r5

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The Zilog Z084006 Z80 CPU NMOS 6MHz PDIP r5 is a powerful and versatile microprocessor that offers excellent performance for various applications. Here are the detailed specifications and product details:

CPU Type: Zilog Z084006 Z80
The Zilog Z80 CPU is a widely recognized and popular microprocessor. It is known for its compatibility, reliability, and extensive instruction set.

Technology: NMOS (N-channel Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor)
The NMOS technology used in this CPU provides a balance between performance and power consumption. It offers efficient operation and is suitable for a wide range of applications.

Clock Speed: 6MHz
With a clock speed of 6MHz, this CPU delivers fast and efficient processing capabilities. It can handle complex tasks and calculations with ease, making it suitable for demanding applications.

Package Type: PDIP r5 (Plastic Dual Inline Package)
The PDIP r5 package is a common and widely used package type for integrated circuits. It provides ease of installation and compatibility with various circuit boards and systems.

Versatility: Ideal for Embedded Systems and Retro Gaming
The Zilog Z084006 Z80 CPU is well-suited for embedded systems, where it can control and manage various functions of electronic devices. It is also highly popular among retro gaming enthusiasts, as it can power classic gaming consoles and homebrew projects.

This CPU offers a wide range of features, including an extensive instruction set, multiple addressing modes, and support for peripherals and memory interfaces. It is highly reliable, efficient, and capable of handling complex tasks.

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Zilog z084006 Z80 cpu NMOS 6MHz PDIP r5

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