Prengo Electro Kit

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This game can be at home, nurseries, skill development academies and other child-oriented institutions. It contains more than 40 interesting experiences developed by the company’s engineers and educators to suit children from the age of four years.

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  • Prengo Electro Kit is an electronic components for children in the form of cartoon characters to attract the child to play and know its function and each character has a name which is the name of the element it represents

  • The game consists of 11 electronic characters and prengo character which child will be able to discover and find out what each character is doing through the various stories that comes with The kit.

  • The kid can make more than 40 experiences with these characters , through which he will learn a lot about electronics and electrical engineering with the help of The cartoon characters and The books which has been written as an interesting story for the child.
  • In order to get the most benefit, Preng made sure that the books are in the form of interesting stories for kids so that they fall in love with the characters and simplify the engineering information in an interesting way. Therefore, more than ten books were presented in the form of stories containing more than 40 projects and educational values.

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