Mini Bluetooth 5.0 Decoder Board Audio Receiver BT5.0-Audio

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Mini Bluetooth 5.0 Decoder Board Audio Receiver BT5.0-Audio

The Mini Bluetooth 5.0 Decoder Board Audio Receiver BT5.0-Audio is a compact device that allows you to upgrade your non-Bluetooth audio devices to be compatible with Bluetooth technology. It provides a wireless audio streaming solution for various applications such as speakers, headphones, car audio systems, and more.

Here are some key features and functionalities of the Mini Bluetooth 5.0 Decoder Board Audio Receiver BT5.0-Audio:

Bluetooth 5.0: The device utilizes the Bluetooth 5.0 technology, which offers faster data transfer speeds, improved range, and better overall performance compared to previous Bluetooth versions.

Audio Streaming: It enables wireless audio streaming from Bluetooth-enabled devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other compatible devices. You can pair your device with the decoder board, and it will receive and decode the audio signals.

Compatibility: The BT5.0-Audio receiver is designed to be compatible with a wide range of audio systems. It can be connected to speakers, amplifiers, headphones, or any other audio equipment that supports audio input.

Compact Design: The mini form factor of the decoder board makes it easy to install and integrate into different audio setups. Its small size allows for flexible placement options and doesn’t occupy much space.

Easy Installation: The board typically comes with connectors or soldering points that enable easy installation into your audio system. You’ll need to connect the board to the audio input of your device, and it will start functioning as a Bluetooth receiver.

Controls and Indicators: Some decoder boards may have built-in controls for volume adjustment, track skipping, and play/pause functionality. They may also feature LED indicators to display the device’s pairing status, power status, and connection status.

Power Source: The BT5.0-Audio receiver can be powered through a USB connection or directly via a power source in your audio system. It’s important to check the power requirements and available options of the specific decoder board you’re using.

Remember to check the product specifications and instructions provided by the manufacturer for accurate details on the features and installation process of the Mini Bluetooth 5.0 Decoder Board Audio Receiver BT5.0-Audio, as different models may have slight variations in their functionalities and setup procedures.



  • Power Supply Voltage: 3.7V-5V
  • Bluetooth Version: 5.0 (Backward compatible with Bluetooth 4.2, 4.1, 4.0)
  • Transmission Distance: 15m (Visible)
  • Audio Decoding: WAV, APE, FLAC, MP3
  • Size: 30x30mm
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