LV25-P LEM Voltage Transducer

A PCB mounting voltage transducer based on the Hall effect. The unit provides galvanic isolation between primary and secondary circuits. To enable a voltage to be measured a current proportional to the measured voltage must be collected through an external resistor, selected by the user, in series with the primary circuit of the unit.

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Product Description

  • Suitable for the electronic measurement of voltages associated with DC, AC, and impulse circuits
  • Provides galvanic isolation between primary and secondary circuits
  • Closed-loop (compensated) current transducer
  • Excellent accuracy
  • Very good linearity
  • Low thermal drift
  • Low response time
  • High bandwidth
  • High immunity to external interference
  • Low disturbance in common mode


  • Nominal Value: 0.01A
  • Measuring Range: 0.014A
  • Second. Nominal Signal: Current
  • Second. Nominal  Signal Value: Instantaneous 25 mA
  • Primary Signal: AC + DC
  • Supply Voltage: External DC Bipolar
  • Supply Voltage Range: ± 12 to ± 15 V
  • Accuracy: 0.9 %Op. 
  • Temperature: 70 °C
  • Technology: Closed-loop Hall effect
  • Mounting: PCB


  • Motor Drive & Control,
  • Power Management
  • Industrial


Attribute Value
Current Ratio 14:1
Sensor Technology Closed Loop
Supply Voltage ± 12 → ± 15 V
Input Current 10 mA
Output Current 25 mA
Overall Height 16.45mm
Overall Width 26mm
Overall Depth 29.2mm
Minimum Temperature 0°C
Maximum Temperature +70°C
Mounting Type PCB Mount
Series LV
Dimensions 2.92 × 2.6 × 1.645 cm

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