Control Board Ramps 1.6 for 3D Printer

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Control Board Ramps Ramps 1.6 Expansion Control Board with Heatsink Upgraded Ramps 1.4 1.5 for Arduino 3D Printer Board

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Control Board Ramps

  • Ramps 1.6 is optimized and launched based on Ramps 1.4 & Ramps 1.5 By Biqu.
  • The construction almost the same as Ramps 1.5, the difference is Ramps 1.6 have new 2pin connectors, which more simple and convenient to connect, also will not be burnt easily.
  • What’s more, Ramps 1.6 have a good Heatsink above MOS tube in order to give a better function to heat dissipation.
  • Besides, the Power of Ramps 1.6 is larger than Ramps 1.5, the largest power will be up to or 270W, and  Ramps 1.5 just can be up to 200W, or smaller than 200W.
  • It can be extended to LCD and other parts.
  •  There are heater and fan MOSFET outputs and 3 thermistor interfaces
  • 5A additional security and component protection fusion
  • Heated bed controls additional 11A fuses
  • Applied to 5 stepper drive board
  • Design of plate pin socket can be easily replaced or removed for future design
  • I2C and SPI pins are available for future expansion
  • Servo connectors are used for connecting limit stops, motors, and light-emitting diodes. These connectors are gold-plated and have a rated current of 3A, which is very compact.
  • The LED will light when the heater has an output


  • The heat sink has to be installed when you use this board
  •  Don’t connect the live board or replace the module interface (except SD,USB)
  • Please press the RESET button or turn off button when emergency

Package Included:

  • 1 X Control Board Ramps 1.6 for 3D Printer
  • 1 X Heatsink 
  • Control Board Ramps

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