Solid State Relay JGX-48100DA

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Solid state relay is a contactless electronic switch with relay characteristics developed by combining separated electronic components, integrated circuits (or chips) and hybrid microcircuit technology.

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  • Solid state relay consists of three parts
    • Input Circuits

 Resistive input circuits are used to control signals with fixed control voltage.

    • Isolated Coupling

Solid-state relay input and output circuit isolation and coupling methods are photoelectric coupling and transformer coupling.

    • Output Circuit

The power switch of SSR is directly connected to the power supply and the load side to realize the on/off switching of the load power supply.

  •  Low noise

AC type SSR adopts over-zero trigger technology, so the line effectively reduces the voltage rise rate dv/dt and current rise rate di/dt value, so that the SSR long-term work on the utility interference is very small.

  •  Short switching time, about 10ms, can be applied in the higher frequency occasions.
  •  Optoelectronic isolation between the input circuit and the output circuit, insulation voltage of 2500V or more.
  •  Low input power consumption, compatible with TTL and COMS circuits.
  •  Protection circuit at the output.
  •  High load capacity.

Package Included:

  • 1 X Solid State Relay JGX-48100DA.

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