Six Degrees Of Freedom Mechanical Arm + 32 Way Control Board + Ps2

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The robotic arm is an automated mechanical device that is more extensive applied in robot technology areas. Currently, you can see it in industrial manufacturing, medical treatment, entertainment services, teaching application, military areas and space exploration. Although everyone see often in movies or television, and want to have one belongs to oneself.

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  • Dimensions of DOF Mechanical Arm: 450(L) x 280(W) mm

Package included: 

  • 1x Base Mount of DOF Mechanical Arm
  • 4x Spacers
  • Enough nuts, screws and wires
  • 1x 32 Channel Servo Control Board with USB data wire.
  • 1x Robot PS2 Controller and Receiver Handle 
KG356 32 Channel Servo Control Board Robot PS2 Controller Receiver Handle for Robot DIY Platformcont1

This is servo controller board with 32 channel designed by ToRobot can be control up to 32 servo motors at the same time, either by using a software on a PC, or UART communication (TTL serial port) of MCU (51, AVR, ARM, FPGA, PIC, etc.) to send commands to control the steering. it provides better speed, accuracy and stability. 

Technical Specifications

  1. Controlling MCU power supply: 6.5~12 V or 3.5~5.5V.
  2. Servos power supply: DC (depends on the motors, generally 5V DC).
  3. Control channels: 32.
  4. Communication Input: USB or UART (TTL, USART, bluetooth) compatible.
  5. Signal Output: PWM (Accuracy 1us).
  6. Servo motor resolution: 1us, 0.09 degrees.
  7. Baud Rate: 9600,19200,28400,57600,115200,128000(recognized automatically).
  8. Dimensions: 63.5mm x 43.5mm x 1.6mm.
  9. Control mode: USB and UART (TTL) to accept command.
  10. Flash: on-board 512K ROM.
  11. Arduino compatible 

Robot PS2 Controller and Receiver Handle


1. 2.4GHz Wireless Game Pad.

2. No need for messy wires all tangled and dangling around you.

3. Convenient operation and dual shock Vibration.

4. Support digital and analog mode.

5. Powered by 2 x AAA batteries. (Not Included)

6. Operation distance is up to 10m maximum.

  • 6x DS3115 15KG Metal Gear Large Torque Digital Servo 
– Interface defintion: yellow-signal, red-power positive pole, brown–power negative pole
Mechanical parameters:
– Limiting angle: 180 degree
– Weight: 60g
– Dimension: 40*40.5*20mm
– Wire length: 320mm

Control parameters:
– Working voltage: 5-7.4V
– Working frequency: 50-330HZ
– Operating angle: 180 degree
– Rotating direction: CCW
– Control system: pluse width

Electrical Parameters:
– At Voltage: 6V
– Operating speed (at no load): 0.16 sec/ 60degree
– Running current (at no load): 80mA
– Stall torque (at locked): 13.5kg/cm
– Stall current (at locked): 4mA

– At Voltage: 7V
– Operating speed (at no load): 0.14 sec/ 60degree
– Running current (at no load): 100mA
Stall torque (at locked): 15kg/cm
– Stall current (at locked): 5mA

  • 1xIMaxRC IMax B3 Pro 1.5A Balance Compact Charger for 2S-3S Lipo Battery with Power Adapter Cable (US Plug) 

– Color: Black
– Material: Plastic
– Charging number of batteries: 2-3cells
– Input voltage: 110-240V AC
– Maximum charge current: 1.5A (2S) 1A (3S)
– Charging Display: Through three LED lights, red and green
– LED indicator shows: Wait: Green, Charging: Red, Full: Green, Fault: Red flashing
– Easy and convenient to use

  • 1x Oriainal Lion Power Battery 11.1V 1300Mah at 25C 
– Product type: Rechargeable lithium polymer battery
– Battery capacity: 1300Mah
– Continous discharge rate: 25C MAX 40C
– Battery size: 9.6 * 3.0 * 1.8cm / 3.8 * 1.2 * 0.7in
– Battery weight: 97g

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