Right-left (inverse) relay RS-TLR12

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  • Microcontroller based
  • Right-left operation
  • 10 time ranges(1s,10s,1m,10m,1h,10h,1d,10d,30d,100d)
  • Repetition accuracy<0.2%
  • LED indication for relay status
  • 1 Module Din-rail mounting
  • Right-left relay is used for 2 different loads, which works by turn.
  • First load starts working, stops and waits(off) and second load starts. 
    working. Both working time is same.
  • Initially first relay is energized. After Ton delay, relay is de-energized.
  • Both relays are de-energized during Toff delay. At the end of Toll, 
    second relay stays in this position during Ton. When Ton finished both 
    relays are de-energized. This cycle is repeated continuously


  • Time relays are used to time control of industrial and domestic automatic control systems.
  • Operation mode: left-right activation

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