PCB Rivets / Eyelets 1.0 x 1.4 mm

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Rivets / Eyelets for use on double-sided PCB’s 

A rivet (or eyelet) is a small hollow copper tube that can be inserted on one side of the board, then – using a specialized rivet tool – the rivets are pressed and deformed to connect both sides.

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There are 2 things to keep in mind when designing with rivets – the drill hole and the head diameter.


To ensure the rivets fits in the hole nicely, the hole diameter needs to be 0.1 mm larger than the rivet outer diameter.

Use a drill size of 1.5mm (or 1.6mm) for the size of this rivet. When placing vias in your design program, ensure the right drill size is used so the V-One leaves enough space when printing the ink.


The head diameter is the widest part of the rivet, this is the flange that will be in contact with your track. This parameter determines how close the rivet can be to other parts or rivets. In your design program, you’re via outer diameter should be equal to or greater than the rivet head diameter.  2.2 mm for the size of this rivet. The rivet has an inner diameter of 1.0 mm and is suited for standard 0.1″ headers. However – the head diameter is quite large and traces cannot be routed in between the pins. Please adjust your layout accordingly – otherwise, the rivet may end up shorting two tracks!

Pressing Rivet / Eyelet 

  • Hit with a small hammer carefully on top of this pin. Take care of a hard underground!
  • Do not bend this tool when it’s in the rivet.
  • Always keep this tool straight up.
  • If do so, then you have a great tool.
  • Always place the rivets first on the PCB and then the components.
1- Place Rivet / Eyelet
Use our tool or a tweezer to place the rivet
xxx 1

2 -Turn PCB

If the hole is bigger than the rivet then use some

Scotch tape to keep the rivet in place.


3-Place the tool in the Rivet / Eyelet

Hit with a small hammer on top of this tool

Package Included:
  • 1 X PCB Rivets / Eyelets 1 x 1.4 mm
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