NTC 10K 5mm

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This NTC thermister is a transducer which converting from heat energy into electrical energy and its resistance decreases when temperature increases. The NTC temperature sensors are made from a mixture of metal oxides which are subjected to a sintering process that gives them a negative electrical resistance versus temperature (R/T) relationship.

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  • 10K Thermistor with a negative temperature coefficient.
  • Good choice for temp-sensing applications.
  • Easy to use.
  • Easy to interface.
  • Long life.

Applications of 10K Ω (Ohm) NTC Thermistor:

  • Inlet air-temperature control.
  • Transmission oil temperature control.
  • Engine temperature control.
  • Airco systems.
  • Airbag electronic systems.
  • Temperature detection of laser diode in CD players for cars.
  • Frost sensors.
  • ABS.

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