MT3608 2A DC-DC Step Up Boost Converter Module

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The MT3608 Mini Adjustable DC-DC Boost Module is a low cost module that can step-up a 2.5 to 24V input voltage up to a 5 to 28V output at up to 1.5A.

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  • Small Size
  • MT3608 Converter IC
  • Adjustable Output Voltage using Adjustment Potentiometer
  • Excellent Load and Voltage Regulation
  • Output Current of up to: 1.5A
  • Input Voltage Range: 2.5 to 24V
  • Output Voltage Range: 5 to 28V
DC-DC boost converters step up the input voltage to a higher voltage while also stepping down the available current since the module can’t output more power than it inputs.This boost converter is adjustable and capable of outputting a voltage in the range of 5.0 to 28V at a continuous current of up to 1.5A depending on input/output voltage settings with 1A available with most settings.Since it is a boost converter, the input voltage must be lower than the output voltage.The device is able to use low ESR bulk ceramic capacitors rather than electrolytic caps which avoids long-term aging concerns and contributes to the compact packaging.The MT3608 converter IC has over current and thermal limiting features built-in to safely shut the device down if driven too hard.
 Module ConnectionsThese are compact boards with 4 solder pads for making connections.

  • VIN+ :     Input Voltage
  • VIN- :      Ground
  • VOUT+ : Output Voltage
  • VOUT- :  Ground.  Connected to VIN- on module

Voltage Adjustment

  • The module has a single-turn potentiometer for adjustment of the output voltage.
  • Turning the pot CW decreases the output voltage while turning it  CCW increases the output voltage.
  • The upper limit of the adjustment range will depend on the input voltage and the load.  With a 9V input for instance, at 1A, the upper voltage limit will be approximately 20V.

Package Included:

  • 1x MT3608 Mini Adjustable DC-DC Boost Module
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