Maker Pi RP2040

Maker Pi RP2040 features the first microcontroller designed by Raspberry Pi – RP2040, embedded on a robot controller board. This board comes with dual channel DC motor driver, 4 servo motor ports and 7 Grove I/O connectors, ready for your next DIY robot / motion control project. Now you can build robot, while trying out the new RP2040 chip.

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Product Description

Key Features:

  • A compact robot controller board with all the RP2040 goodness
  • Controls 4x Servo motors
  • Drives 2x DC motors with quick test buttons
  • Built-in LiPo charger
  • Auto Power Selection: USB 5V, LiPo (1-cell) or Vin (3.6-6v)
  • Power on/off switch
  • 7x Grove ports
  • LEDs on 13x IO pin
  • 2x RGB LEDs (Neopixel)
  • Piezo buzzer with mute switch
  • 2x push button


  • The Maker Pi RP2040 features the first microcontroller designed by Raspberry Pi – the RP2040 – embedded on a robot controller board!
  • The board comes with a 2-channel DC motor driver, 4 servo motor ports, 7 Grove I/O connectors, and lots of LEDs for troubleshooting and visual effects.

  • The DC motor driver on board is able to control two brushed DC motors or a single bipolar/unipolar stepper motor.
  • The built-in Quick Test buttons and motor output LEDs allow a functional test of the motor driver in a quick and convenient way without the need of writing any test code.
  • The board features push buttons ready to detect your touch. In addition, the board also can be used to play tone or melody with Piezo Buzzer! Sure, you can use Buzzer Mute Switch to mute the piezo buzzer.
  • All the designs can provide developers with a better experience in DIY robot/motion control projects.


  • The board is compatible with the existing Pico ecosystem, Software, firmware, libraries, and resources that are developed for Pico should work seamlessly with Cytron Maker Pi RP2040 too. CircuitPython is preloaded on the Maker Pi RP2040, so it’s very easy to get started.
  • The board supports commonly programming languages as well, so you are free to use MicroPython and C/C++ for Pico/RP2040.

Board layout & Function:



Package Included:

  • 1x Maker Pi RP2040
  • 4x Grove to Female Header Cable
  • 1x Mini Screwdriver
  • 1x Silicone Rubber Feet (Pack of 4)
Main Application Robotics
Microcontroller Raspberry Pi RP2040, dual-core Cortex MO+ at up to 133MHz clock, 264 KByte SRAM
Flash Size 2MByte Q-SPI flash
Pre-loaded Programming Language CircuitPython (Board: Maker Pi RP2040)
USB Interface USB 1.1 Device and Host
Power Input

1. 5V via USB Micro B

2. 3.7V via Li-Po/Li-Ion battery port 3. 3.6V-6V via VIN terminal With automatic power input selection

Power Switch Yes
Reset Button Yes
Push Button 3x programmable push button:BOOTSEL, GP20 & GP21
Piezo Buzzer Yes, with mute switch at GP22
Programmable LED 13x Blue LED: GPO-GP7, GP16 - GP17 & GP26 - GP28
RGB LED (Neopixel) Two, connected to GP18
DC Motor Terminal (motor driver) Dual-channel H-bridge, controls up to 2x brushed DC motor or 1x stepper motor MIA: GP8 | MIB: GP9 M2A: GP10 | M2B: GP11
Servo Motor Port 4x Servo motor port GP12, GP13, GP14 & GP15
Grove Port (3.3V) (flexible I/O options: digital, analog, 12C, SPI, UART...)




GROVE 4: GP16, GP17

GROVE 5: GP6, GP26

GROVE 6: GP26, GP27

GROVE 7: GP7, GP27

Header Pin No, except for servo ports
Micro SD socket No
WIFI socket No
Audio socket No
Debug Port Serial Wire Debug (SWD) Port
Dimensions 8.8 × 6.4 × 1.3 cm

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