Luminous Cruze 2 kVA Pure Sinewave Inverter

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Cruze 2 kVA Pure Sinewave Inverter

  • Cruze 2 KVA is a pure sine wave Home UPS, Lower change over time and heavy transformer makes it special one, it can run sensitive appliances such as Embroidery machine, Dental chair etc.
  • It is designed for consumers looking for pure sine wave output and wants to run heavy load for longer hours refrigerator, washing machine with Led lights.
  • It ensures a good quality power backup solution for convenience at your office and home.
  • Based on the capacity, this inverter can also run loads for ACs, geysers, photocopiers and some heavy home appliances.
  • Also, it is built with a 2 KVA capacity and 1680 W rated power for efficient and fast functioning. Moreover, this versatile home UPS supports a variety of batteries like a flat plate, tubular, or VRLA (SMF) battery.
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  • Sine Wave Inverter
  • Capacity 2 KVA, Rated Power 1680 W
  • Supports two batteries.
  • 24 Month Warranty
  • Safe for sensitive appliances with Sine wave out-put
  • Cruze HKVA Inverters can run heavy loads like AC, Geyser, Petrol Pumps, Photocopiers, Dental Chairs etc., depending on their capacity (please check the inverter capacity and your power requirement)
  • Auto over-load handling capacity
  • Offers high quality and reliable power back-up solution for office and homes.
  • MCB for protection from Input mains
  • Bypass switch for supplying output directly from grid in case of home UPS fault.
  • Noiseless Operations with the help of low harmonic distortion
  • Intuitive Display to easily understand status of mains availability, battery status, etc.
  • Comprehensive protection against short-circuits, reverse polarity, battery over-charge, deep discharge etc.
  • Adaptive Battery charging control system technology (ABCC) ensures faster battery charging and enhances battery life by around 70%
  • Supports a wide battery range, i.e., Flat Plate, Tubular & VRLA (SMF)


  • High over-load handling capacity
  •  Installation and maintenance friendly
  •  Advanced battery management which enhances battery life up to 70%
  •  Intelligent battery charging mechanism


  • 1 X Luminous Cruze 2 kVA Pure Sinewave Inverter


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