Joystick Shield V1 For Arduino

The Joystick Shield V1.A is an Uno compatible shield that allows you to turn an Arduino Uno or compatible into a game console or robotic controller.

The joystick Shield V1.A will let you turn your Arduino board into a controller like the game console system.  It can be used to control anything from a remote control car to anything that you can think of.  It also provides a lot of different interfaces.

$ 16.00 $ 16.00


Product Description

  • 2-Axis joystick
  • 4 large buttons
  • 2 small buttons
  • Bluetooth / Serial interface
  • I2C interface
  • nRF24L01 interface
  • Nokia 5110 LCD interface
  • Interface connector
  • Power switch to switch between 3.3 and 5V

Package Includes:

  • Joystick Shield V1.A

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