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The IOIO is a board specially designed to work with your Android 1.5 and later device. The board provides robust connectivity to an Android device via a USB or Bluetooth connection and is fully controllable from within an Android application using a simple and intuitive Java API.

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Technical Specification

Feature Details Description
USB connector type A, female Used to connect to the Android device.
GND pins 9 pins Ground connection.
VIN pins 3 pins Used for power supply to the board. Voltage between 5–15V should be supplied.
5V pins 3 pins Normally used as 5V output to user electronics, when the board is powered from VIN. Can be used as 5V input in case VIN is not connected.
3.3V pins 3 pins 3.3V output to user electronics.
I/O pins 48 pins General purpose I/O pins. Some have special functions, such as ADC, Input Capture, UART, PWM, Comparator or for programming the PIC MCU (ICSP).
Power LED Lights when the IOIO is getting power.
Stat LED Lights briefly during power-up and then becomes under application control.
MCLR pin Not normally used. Its purpose is for programming new bootloader firmware on the IOIO board.
Charge current trimmer (CHG) Adjusts the amount of charge current supplied on the VBUS line of the USB to the Android device. Turning in the (+) direction increases charge current.
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