Copper Tape Roll – With Conductive Adhesive 5mm

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Adhesive Copper tape is a staple of any modern, STEM classroom. This roll of copper tape has conductive adhesive on one side, separated by a paper backing to the rest of the roll meaning you can cut it down, break it up and use it just as your classroom requires. It’s one of the best DIY tools you can have at your disposal.

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  • 5mm wide– That’s around 15 meters of conductive copper tape for your projects. Plenty to go around, especially when broken down into smaller lengths.
  • Conductive adhesive – Perfect for paper circuits, the adhesive on the backside of this tape will conduct electricity,  meaning you can connect different segments of tape together without losing continuity.
  • Superior – Copper tape is the best conductor among the different types of tape available (Aluminum, etc).
  • Paper circuits, Arduino and other Electronics – This tape is simply a tool for you to make things, you aren’t limited to the technology you pair it with to make your circuits.

How to Use Copper Tape?

The tape simply comes wrapped up on a spool. You can unwrap it and tear it/cut it/break it down into smaller lengths and remove the paper from the back to access the adhesive side.

Stick the tape down onto your favorite paper circuit, or in any other electronics to conduct electricity. Better yet, the conductive adhesive means you can stick tape to tape without losing conductivity. It’s really as easy as that.

Soldering to Copper Tape

With conductive adhesive, you can connect different sections of tape together which is great. If you want to solder to your tape, that’s an option to. It can be a little tricky at first, but get in touch with us if you need any help learning how to. We’re here to help.

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