BESTON USB 9v 650mAh Li-ion Lithium Rechargeable Battery

This battery contains no mercury or cadmium. It is widely Used in all kinds of electrical appliances.

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Product Description

  • This 9V 650mAh Beston battery is built with premium components to provide superior protection for you and your devices.
  • It has multiple protection circuits: Temperature protection, Short circuit protection, Over power , Over ampere and Over Voltage protection, Anti-counter protection, Overcharge and over discharge protection, as well as Restore protection.
  • Stable voltage and high capacity.
  • Long discharge life and Long service life.
  • Low internal resistance and Excellent safety characteristics.
  • Secure seal provides excellent resistance to leakage and corrosion.
  • Micro USB Charge: You can use any USB 5V output like wall chargers, power banks to charge the BESTON 9-Volt batteries. It does not need an extra charger.
  • High Capacity: Our 650mAh 9V rechargeable battery has more power capacity than alkaline 9V battery (about 500mAh).
  • Long Life: You can recharger this battery more than 500 times, which makes it an economical replacement for primary 9V batteries.
  • This battery can only recharge to 8.4V. If your devices ,like smoke alarm, require standard 9V or higher voltage battery, please buy standard Alkaline 9V Battery.


Package Included:

  • 1 X BESTON USB 9v 650mAh Li-ion Lithium Rechargeable Battery


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Battery type  Li-ion Rechargeable Battery
Capacity 650mAh
Voltage 9V
Electric Current 100mA
Charging Interface Micro-USB
Cycle Life >=500 Times
Usage Remote control toys, Rofessional audio, Wireless microphones, Smoke alarms, Electric Guitar, Metal detector, Multi-Meter, and Medical devices etc.
Environment friendly Yes

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