Arduino L9110 Motor Driver Module

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Double L9110S chip motor drive,

Module Supply Voltage: 2.5~12V,

Suitable Motor: the motor operating voltage between 2.5V~12V,

the maximum operating current of 0.8A,

Can drive two DC motors, or a 4-wire 2-phase stepping motor;

PCB board size: 2.8cm x 2.1cm,

compact size,

easy for assembly,

Provides with a fixed mounting hole,

diameter: 3mm;

Module interface specification:

The 6-pin black curved pin description:

VCC: external 2.5V~12V voltage,

GND: external GND,

The IA1: external microcontroller IO port,

The IB1: external microcontroller IO port,

IA2: external in microcontroller IO port,

IB2: external microcontroller IO port,

4-Pin Green Terminal Description:

OA1 / OB1 connect to DC motor 2-pin,

no direction;

OA2 / OB2 connects to DC motor 2-pin,

no direction,

Module for use: VCC and GND module power indicator light is on,

IA1 input high, IA1 input low,

(OA1 OB1) motor is transferred,

IA1 input low,IA1 high level input,

(OA1 OB1) motor reversal,

IA2 input high, IA2 input low,

(OA2 Ob2) motor is transferred,

IA2 input low,IA2 input high,

(OA2 Ob2) of motor reversal.

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Motor Driver Module




Brand N/A
Model L9110
Color Red + green
Material PCB + plastic + iron
Specification 2.5~12V
Application All kinds of electronic products or DIY lover
Other On-board ULN2003A chipset; 5~12V power supply; On-board 4-way indicator light; On-board XH-5P socket; Compatible with Arduino
English Manual/Spec Yes
Packing List 1 x Motor driver module


Motor Driver Module
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