7404 DIP Hex Inverter Logic NOT Gate

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74LS04 IC has six NOT gates. These NOT gates perform Inverting function. Hence name HEX INVERTING GATES.

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  • The chip is basically used where a logic inverter is needed.
  • Inverter Gates in this chip provide output which is negated logic input.
  • The chip has six gates which do NOT operation.
  • Inverting NOT gates are single input device.
  • They have an output level that is normally at logic level 1 and goes LOW to a logic level 0 when its single input is at logic level 1.
  • In other words, it inverts (complements) its input signal.
  • The output from a NOT gate only returns HIGH  when its input is at logic level 0.

Boolean expression:

  •  A = Q

7404 NOT Gate Truth table:khbgnot7404 NOT Gate Datasheet

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