4N33 Optocoupler

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Product Description


The 4N33 is an optically coupled isolators with a gallium arsenide infrared LED and a silicon photo Darlington sensor.

Switching can be achieved while maintaining a high degree of isolation between driving and load circuits.

These optocouplers can be used to replace reed and mercury relays with advantages of long life, high speed switching and elimination of magnetic fields.


  • Very high current transfer ratio, 500 % min.
  • High isolation resistance           
  • Standard plastic DIP package

Pin Description

Pin Number Description
1 Cathode
2 Anode
3 No Connection
4 Emitter
5 Collector
6 Base


  • Low power logic circuits 
  • Telecommunications equipment 
  • Portable electronics 
  • Solid state relays 
  • Interfacing coupling systems of different potentials and impedances

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