30A Dual Motor Driver High-Power H Bridge

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30A Dual Motor Driver High-Power H Bridge

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  •  The performance of this drive non L298 motor driver chip can be compared, and the drive to focus on current and efficiency, effective to play motor power and battery. Able to withstand high current overload, maximum current up to 30A.
  • This drive also has a brake function can be quickly stopped the motor brake quickly apparent brake operation is simple to implement this feature.
  • The drive complete two half-bridge driver chip + very low internal resistance N-channel MOSFET. Complete two half-bridge driver chip reliable drive mode, the MOSFET switching losses to a minimum. Improve power utilization. MOSFET driver chip comes with the hardware brake function and energy feedback function.
  • The drive better than the integrated power chip solution power margin and the other half-bridge combination program timing coordination complex problems and complementary drive.
  •  MOSFET N-channel IRF3205 MOSFET using two dedicated half-bridge driver chips on the pipe using the bootstrap capacitor, enough drive voltage on the tube, and can quickly make the MOSFET channel open and improve motor acceleration curvature, but also quickly break the motor. This can make the car quickly start quickly kill the car.
  • This drive can operate in a 0% -99% of the duty cycle of the PWM modulation, so that the motor can be obtained a sufficient driving voltage.
  • POWER positive power supply, GND for negative one. Two motors, respectively, then MOTOR1, MOTOR2
  • Product performance parameters:
  • Rated voltage: 3v-36v (can be customized according to the user)
  •  Rated current: 30A
  •  Peak Current: 60A
  •  Use: Freescale smart car contest Undergraduate Electronic Design Contest variety of DC motor control circuit
  •  Dimensions: length 107mm, width 58mm

Package Included:

  • 1 X 30A Dual Motor Driver High-Power H Bridge.

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