16 Channel 12-bit PWM Servo Driver – PCA9685

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It’s an I2C-controlled PWM driver with a built in clock. Adjustable frequency up to about 1.6 KHz. 12-bit resolution for each output for servos, that means about 4us resolution at 60Hz update rate.

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  • The PCA9685 is a 16-channel I2C-bus controlled LED controller optimized for Red/Green/Blue/Amber (RGBA) color backlighting applications
  • It can control the output of the 16-channel PWM values
  • The PWM frequency and duty cycle can be managed to control the servo precisely by programming the controller.
  • The turn-on time of each LED driver output and the duty cycle of PWM can be controlled independently using the LEDn_ON and LEDn_OFF registers.
  • The PWM signal captured by the receiving channel is transmitted to the signal demodulation circuit, and a DC offset voltage is generated. Next, this voltage will be compared with the potentiometer’s voltage, and then the voltage drop between them will be input into the motor driving integrated circuit to make the motor rotate clockwise or counter-clockwise. When the rotating speed reaches a certain value, it will drive the potentiometer R0 to spin by the cascaded gear reducer. The motor would not stop rotating until the voltage drop decreases to 0. The servo is controlled by PWM signal, i.e., the changed duty cycle decides where the servo rotates to.

  • 220 ohm series resistors on all the output lines to protect them, and to make driving LEDs trivial
  • Solder jumpers for the 6 address select pins
  •  5V compliant, which means you can control it from a 3.3V microcontroller and still safely drive up to 6V outputs (this is good for when you want to control white or blue LEDs with 3.4+ forward voltages)
  • 6 address select pins so you can wire up to 62 of these on a single I2C bus, a total of 992 outputs – that’s a lot of servos or LEDs
  • 12-bit resolution for each output – for servos, that means about 4us resolution at 60Hz update rate
  • Configurable push-pull or open-drain output
  • Output enable pin to quickly disable all the outputs
  • Frequency : 40-1000Hz

Package Included:

  • 1 X 16 Channel 12-bit PWM Servo Driver – PCA9685
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