UV Curable Solder Mask – 10ml green

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A UV Curable solder mask is a thin layer of polymer that protects your PCB from oxidation and prevents solder bridges from forming. Solder bridges are unintended electrical connections that can cause problems if left alone. The solder mask is typically treated as a PCB layer and referred to as a Gerber file.

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  • Color: green
  • Syringe Length: Approx. 9-10 cm
  • Material: Ink
  • Capacity: 10 ml

How to use:

  • Apply the paint on your PLATE.
  • Spread it over the PCB with covering transparent mask film.
  • Expose it under UV light (light or sun) for a few minutes.
  • Wash the additional paint by gasoline or solvent based oil.

package included 

1 X UV Curable Solder Mask – 10ml green


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