UNI-T UT677A Battery Internal Resistance Tester

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Features of UT677A Battery Internal Resistance Tester


  • Internal resistance test: 0.000mΩ~3.100 Ω
  • Voltage test: 0.000V~±71.00V
  • Fast response: ≤200ms
  • Measurement result judgment function
  • 5000 pieces of data storage & rechargeable lithium battery
  • PC software supported
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Specifications of UT677A Battery Internal Resistance Tester

UT677A Battery Internal Resistance Tester.3 1

Function Range Resolution
Battery Internal resistance range 0.000mΩ~3mΩ / ±1%fs. ±20dgt 1uΩ
3.000mΩ~30mΩ / ±0.5%fs. ±15dgt. 10uΩ
3.000mΩ~300mΩ / ±0.5%fs. ±15dgt. 100uΩ
300mΩ~3Ω /±0.5% fs. ±15dgt. 100mΩ
Battery Voltage range 0.000V~±7 V/±0.2%fs. ±10dgt. 1mV
7 V~±71.00V/±0.2 % fs. ±10dgt.
Temperature range -10.0°C~60.0°C (single range)/ ±1.0℃ 0.1℃
Accuracy Guaranteed Temperature Humidity 23℃±5℃,  <75%rh
Measuring method 1. Internal resistance measurement: 1KHz AC 4-terminal test method, open-circuit terminal voltage 3V max
2. Measuring current: 2.0mA~200mA (different measuring currents in different ranges)
3. Temperature measurement: NTC temperature sensor (10KΩ at 26°C)
4. A/D conversion method: successive approximation type
5. Display update frequency:  5 times/second
Screen 3.5 inches (320*240, 16-bit true color screen)
Response time 200ms
Measuring time About 2 sec
USB interface Read real-time measurement values, read historical measurement records
Bluethooth app
Data hold and storage 1. Manual hold and storage, automatic hold and storage
2. Up to 5000 set measurement data storage
Measurement judgment function PASS, WARNING, FAIL judgment thresholds can be preset
Power 1. DC 3.7V lithium battery
2. 5-bar display of power, reminding to charge in time
Power consumption 300mA MIN/500mA MAX
Automatic shut-down Around 15 minutes
Weight 480g (including battery)
Dimension 190mm×121mm×51mm (L*W*H)
Working temperature and humidity -10℃~40℃; below 80%RH
Storage temperature and humidity -20℃~60℃; below 70%RH
Insulation resistance Above 20MΩ (500V between circuit and case)
Puncture test AC 3700V/rms (between circuit and case)
External magnetic field <40A/m
External electric field <1V/m
Suitable for safety regulations IEC 61010


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