UNI-T UT61B Digital Multimeter

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The UNI-T digital multimeter provides a sophisticated measurement technology at a very good price / performance ratio. Different models cover the entire range, from the good entry-level model to precise measurement devices with a precision of 0.05% deviation.

Besides the quality, the measurement devices distinguish by their ease of use, good legibility of the display and sophisticated measurement functions. UNI-T digital multimeters also fulfill the important details of everyday measuring, such as the almost immediate response of the continuity test, reliable measurement results, and conservative use of the battery. If you have ever worked with a digital multimeter from one of the various cheap manufacturers, you are familiar with problems such as continuity tests taking several seconds, noticeable deviation of measurement results if the battery is low, and rapid battery drain…

Models UT61B UT61C UT61D UT61E
max. Resolution 3¾ Digits 3 5/6 Digits 3 5/6 Digits 4½ Digits
max. Display 4.000 6.000 6.000 22.000
max. Sample Rate 2 Sa/s 2 Sa/s 2 Sa/s 2 Sa/s
True RMS        
Picture: USB Measurement Possibilities


USB Measurement Possibilities

The UNI-T UT61B has a built-in USB / RS232 interface for PC communications. Combined with its software, it allows receiving, recording and performing long time data measurements with graphical visualization. It can save up to 2 Sa/s, depending on the measurement function selected (DCV, Resistance, Frequency, …)

Measurement Range Accuracy Resolution
Temperature °F 1)

-40°F ~ 4°F

4°F ~ 32°F

32°F ~ 212°F

212°F ~ 1832°F

±(8.0%+6 dig.)

±(1.2%+5 dig.)

±(1.2%+4 dig.)

±(2.5%+3 dig.)





1)The included K-type temperature probe can be used for temperatures up to 230°C, do not use it with higher temperatures!

Function Digital Multimeter UT61B
USB/RS232 Interface  (isolated optical connection)
True RMS (TRMS)  
Auto Range  
Manual Range  
Diode test  
Transistor test  
Continuity test  (fast reaction time below 0.5 seconds!)
Low battery indication  
Relatively measuring  
Data hold  
Min-Max / Peak hold  
Auto power-off  
Overload protection  Fuse 1: F500 mA 600 V, ?6.3 x 32 mm; Fuse 2: F10 A 600 V, ?10.3 x 38 mm
Shockproof Protection  
“Analogue” Bargraph  (41 steps)
Max. Reading 4000 (3¾ digits)
LCD Size 65 mm x 43 mm
Sampling rate Approx. 2 times / second
Details Digital Multimeter UT61B
Battery 9 V Block Battery (included in delivery)
Safety standard

CAT III 1000 V

CAT IV 600 V


18.0 cm × 8.7 cm × 4.7 cm

(7.09″ × 3.43″ × 1.85″)

Weight without accessories / packaging 370 g (with battery) (0.82 lb)
Weight with accessories / packaging 730 g (1.61 lbs)
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