Thermistor Temperature Sensor 5V With Relay 1-Channel

Humidity testing, humidity sensors, environment humidity testing, relay output, direct power control related equipment

EGP 40.00

Product Description

The module features:

  • USES the high quality HR202 wet sensor.
  • The comparator output direct drive relay, 220 v ac or other equipment.
  • With potentiometer to adjust temperature detection threshold.
  • Can hold row needles, sensor interface, add wet lead sensor.

Electrical parameters:

  • Power supply voltage: 5 VDC (default: 5 v current is larger than 150 ma.
  • 10 a maximum load: 250 v ac or 30 v dc 10 a, all can be used is less than the power.

Module USES:

  • The moisture sensor is most sensitive to the environment humidity, generally used to detect the humidity of the surroundings.
  • Modules, environment humidity more than set threshold, relay, absorption and often start through public end, and when the environment humidity is lower than the setting threshold, relay disconnect, public end with normally closed end connected.
  • The public side, normally open, normally closed three ports is equivalent to a double switch, relay coil electricity, public end and beginning conduction, often without electricity, public end with normally closed end conduction.

package included:

  • 1 x Thermistor Temperature Sensor 5V With Relay 1-Channel

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