NTC 5.0 Thermistor – 5 Ohm 4.2A

The Thermistor is a special type of variable resistive element that changes its physical resistance when exposed to changes in temperature.

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Product Description

  • The Thermistor is a solid state temperature sensing device which acts a bit like an electrical resistor but is temperature sensitive.
  • Thermistors can be used to produce an analogue output voltage with variations in ambient temperature and as such can be referred to as a transducer. This is because it creates a change in its electrical properties due to an external and physical change in heat.
  • The thermistor is basically a two-terminal solid state thermally sensitive transducer constructed using sensitive semiconductor based metal oxides with metallised or sintered connecting leads formed into a ceramic disc or bead. This allows the thermistor to change its resistive value in proportion to small changes in ambient temperature. In other words, as its temperature changes, so too does its resistance and as such its name, “Thermistor” is a combination of the words THERM-ally sensitive res-ISTOR.
  • While the change in resistance due to heat is generally undesirable in standard resistors, this effect can be put to good use in many temperature detection circuits. Thus being a non-linear variable-resistive devices, thermistors are commonly used as temperature sensors having many applications to measure the temperature of both liquids and ambient air.
  • Also, being a solid state device made from highly sensitive metal oxides, they operate at the molecular level with the outermost (valence) electrons becoming more active producing a negative temperature coefficient, or less active producing a positive temperature coefficient as the temperature of the thermistor is increased. This means they have very good resistance verses temperature characteristics allowing them to operate at temperatures upto 200oC.

Mechanical Specifications (mm):       

D: 19.0 max

T: 6.0 max

Lead Diameter: 1.0 mm

S: 7.8 mm

L: 38.0 mm

Coating Lead Run Down (straight Leads): 3.0 max

B: 10.00 mm

C: 3.90 mm

Package included:

  • 1 X Thermistor NTC 5 ohm
Resistance 5.0 W ± 20 %
Max Steady State Current upto 65°c 6.00 A
Max Rec. Energy Rating 75 J
Actual Failure Instantaneous Energy 150 J
Maximum Capacitance @ 120 VAC 5,209 µf
Maximum Capacitance @ 240 VAC 1,302 µf
Resistance @ 100% Max Current 0.01 W
Resistance @ 50% Max Current 0.27 W
Body Temperature at 100% Max Current 180.00 °c
Dissipation Constant 25.0 mw/°c
Thermal Time Constant 100 Sec.
Material Type (for Beta and Curve) C
Dimensions 2 × 2 cm

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