Stepper Motor ULN2003 Driver Module

The ULN2003 stepper motor driver PCB provides a direct drive interface between your microcontroller and stepper motor. The PCB provides 4 inputs for connection to your microcontroller, power supply connection for the stepper motor voltage, and ON/OFF jumper, a direct connect stepper motor header and 4 LEDs to indicate stepping state

EGP 20.00

Product Description

Stepper Motor Connection: Connect stepper motor to this header.

  • If you use one of our stepper motors they will just plug directly into the header.
  • If you have another brand without the correct header plug, you could solder the wires directly to the back of the PCB.

Step State LEDS: Indicate which channel is active.

ON/OFF Jumper: Isolates power to the stepper Motor

Supply: Power to drive stepper motor.Make sure it matches the rating of the stepper motor you are using.

Micro-controller Connection: Connect 4 outputs from your microcontroller to the four inputs.

Supply Volts: 5-12VDC

Maximum Current per output : 500mA

package included:

  • 1 x Stepper Motor ULN2003 Driver Module

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