Smart Light Touch Switch Sensor For Mirror (ON/OFF)

$ 17.60

Product Description

  • Bathroom mirror lamp touching switch, the switch is install on the back of the mirror, the front of the mirror has touching mark that shows through the backlight, which is simple and beautiful.
  • Simple operation, and the mirror light can be turned on and off by simply touching the switch.
  • Lights ON/OFF are displayed in different colors.
  • Widely used, great for makeup mirrors, vanity mirrors, bathroom mirrors, display cabinets, etc.
  • Smart touching sensor switch, perfectly decorate your modern bedroom or bathroom.
Package included:
  • 1 x Smart Light Touch Switch Sensor For Mirror (ON/OFF).

Input Voltage

DC5V 12-24V

Output Voltage

12V-3A; 24V-3A


-20~+40℃ 60W 12V


50℃ 120W 24V


ON/OFF Switch

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