Robot Chassis (2 Gear Motors + 2 Wheels + Caster Wheel) Random color Chassis

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Robot Platform (2 Gear Motors + 2 Wheels + Caster)
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Robot Chassis (2 Gear Motors + 2 Wheels + Caster Wheel) Random color Chassis


A robot chassis with 2 gear motors, 2 wheels, and a caster wheel refers to a specific type of robot base that combines two driven wheels, two gear motors to power those wheels, and an additional caster wheel for stability and maneuverability.
The robot chassis serves as the physical framework or structure that supports the various components of a robot. In this case, it is designed to accommodate two gear motors, two wheels, and a caster wheel. The gear motors provide the driving force for the wheels, while the caster wheel adds stability and allows for easier turning.
The two gear motors are connected to the two driven wheels, providing the robot with the ability to move forward, backward, and make turns. The gear motors are typically equipped with encoders or other feedback mechanisms that allow for precise control over the robot’s movement.
The addition of a caster wheel further enhances the robot’s maneuverability. The caster wheel, typically located at the front or rear of the chassis, provides stability and support while allowing the robot to rotate smoothly in tight spaces. It helps prevent the robot from tipping over and allows for agile turning and maneuvering.
This configuration is commonly used in small-scale robotic applications where compact size and agility are important. It is often seen in robots used for indoor navigation, line following, small-scale automation, or educational projects. The chassis can be combined with other components such as sensors, controllers, and power systems to create a complete robot with specific functionalities.
Overall, a robot chassis with 2 gear motors, 2 wheels, and a caster wheel provides a compact and maneuverable platform for building small robots. It offers the capability for controlled movement, precise turns, and improved stability, making it suitable for applications where agility and tight space navigation are required.

Specifications :-


  • Suggested Voltage: 6-12V
  • No load Speed: 90±10rpm
  • No Load Current:190mA(max.250mA)
  • Torque: (Minimum)
  • Stall current approx: 1A



  • 65mm diameter, 30mm width Plastic rims with solid rubber Tyres
  • Metal Caster Free Wheel


Dimensions: 20 x 15 cm


Color: Blue, Black, Yellow, Orange 


note : Random color  chassis

Package includes:-

  • 2 x Acrylic Baseboard
  • 4 x Fixed Motor Bracket
  • 2 Gear Motors + 2 Wheels + Caster Wheel
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