OMCH Through Beam Photo Electric Proximity Sensor


Infrared photoelectric sensor can distinguish the opaque reflective object, with less susceptible to interference, fast reaction, long life, high resolution and high reliability.

The supply voltage is DC 12V-24V (6-36V)WaterProof(IP65)

Price Includes 14% Taxes (One Year Warranty)

$ 84.80 $ 84.80

Product Description


  • Power supply reversal connection protection; short-circuit protection, can directly connect with PLC
  • Used in common places witch medium environment resistance
  • Red LED indicates that it’s available to detect the sensor operating state
  • IP65 protection structure 
  • Read the “Matters needing attention” of the Product Instruction before use


Attribute Description
Dimension M18
Material Plastic
Mounting Way Through Beam Type
Product Type DC TYPE
Cable Length 5M
Contacts for Switch NO+NC 
Detection Distance 5M
Set Distance Opaque Object
Standard Detection Object Fixed
Response time     1ms 
For more Information please visit this DataSheet  
Price Includes 14% Taxes (One Year Warranty)

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