OMCH Retro Reflection Photo Electric Proximity Sensor Switch PNP 2M

Retro-reflective photoelectric sensor has long effective distance range with the help of reflective board.

The supply voltage is DC 12V-24V (6-36V)

Infrared photoelectric sensor can distinguish the opaque reflective object, with less susceptible to interference, fast reaction, long life, high resolution and high reliability.

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Product Description


  • Power supply reversal connection protection; short-circuit protection, can directly connect with PLC
  • Used in common places witch medium environment resistance
  • Red LED indicates that it’s available to detect the sensor operating state
  • IP65 protection structure 
  • Read the “Matters needing attention” of the Product Instruction before use
Attribute Description
Dimension M18
Mounting Way Retro Reflection Type
Material Plastic 
Product Type DC TYPE
Contacts for Switch NO+NC 
Detection Distance 2M
Set Distance Opaque Object
Standard Detection Object sensitivity adjuster
Response time     1ms 

For more Information please visit this DataSheet 

Price Includes  14%  Taxes (One Year Warranty)

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