12V Delay Timer Switch Adjustable

This 12V Delay Timer Switch Adjustable 0-10sec is one kind of popular switch module. You can use it control any devices on or off. This is a DC12V controlled 1 channel timer relay module. It has a NE555 timer chip on the board. You can adjust delay time(0-10s) by rotating the potentiometer. When this relay get powered it will delay several seconds before relay turn on.

Note: Recommended power + series with a diode to protect the circuit.

EGP 35.00

Product Description

  • The relay will delay to close after connecting with the power supply
  • The time of delay can be adjusted from 0-10s
  • With relay current protection function
  • Increase of the potentiometer leads to time delay increase.
  • Enlarging the capacitor leads to time delay increase.


  • 1 channel relay interface board
  • Module Properties: NE555 chip
  • Input Voltage: DC12V
  • Adjustable Time: 0 – 10 sec
  • Control Voltage: AC 0~250V/ max. 10A, DC 0-30V/max. 10A
  • Max. Loading: 2200W
  • Weight: 19 g
  • Dimensions: 67 x 21 mm (L X H)

Package Included :

  • 1 X 12V Delay Timer Switch Adjustable 0 to 10 Second with NE555 Oscillator

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