MS5607 Altimeter Module

The Altimeter Module is a high resolution (20 cm) electronic altimeter sensor. It will give extremely accurate altitude, pressure, and temperature readings.

$ 41.60 $ 41.60

Product Description

  • The module includes a high-linearity barometric pressure sensor and a high-resolution temperature output, allowing implementation of an altimeter/thermometer without any additional sensors.
  • Different operation modes allow the user to optimize for conversion speed or current consumption.
  • The module is designed for use with a large variety of micro-controllers with different voltage requirements. 
  • This module is well-suited for high-altitude ballooning and has been used with great success in that role.
  • Pressure Range: of 10 –1200 mbar
  • Thermometer of: -40 to +85 °C with <.01 °C resolution
  • Power Requirements: 3.3 to 6.5 VDC
  • Current Consumption: ~1.74 mA at 3.3 VDC
  • Communication Interface: I2C (up to 400 kHz) or SPI (20 MHz)
  • Dimensions: 27x23mm (LxW)
  • Operating Temperature: -40 to +85 °C


  • 24-bit pressure and temperature values
  • Wide pressure range
  • Successfully tested at 120,000 feet

Application Ideas:

  • Mobile altimeter / barometer systems
  • Rate of Climb and Descent Indicator (RCDI)
  • High altitude balloons
  • Height sensing
  • Navigation
  • Weather station
  • Altitude hold for UAVs
  • IMU builds

Package included:

  • 1 x MS5607 Altimeter Module
Dimensions 2.7 × 2.3 cm

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