MJE2955 Power Transistor

MJE2955 Power Transistor

TheMJE2955is a silicon  PNP transistor in TO-220 package. It is intended for power switching circuits and general-purpose amplifiers. The complementary NPN type is MJE3055T.

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Product Description


  • VCBOCollector-Base Voltage (IE=0): 70V
  • VEBOEmitter-Base Voltage (IC=0): 5V
  • IBBase Current: 6A
  • PtotTotal Power Dissipation at Tcase 25 oC: 75 W
  • TjMax. Operating Junction Temperature: 150 oC
  • Rthj-caseThermal Resistance Junction-case Max: 1.66 oC/W

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